With the energy issues facing us today, everyone is looking for ways to save energy. We are also looking for alternate sources of energy, particularly electricity. For decades now there have been many scientists and basement inventers working on free energy motors powered solely by magnetic forces. Few however have been able to convince the U.S. Patent Office that their design actually works. Howard Johnson was one of those few. Mr. Johnson was granted a patent on his device by the U.S. Patent Office on April 24, 1979. The rights to the patent expired in 1996 making the Patent details freely available to the public. His device was featured in Science & Mechanics magazine. He also reportedly granted the General Electric Corp. the rights to build one of his machines. Supposedly GE built one of the motors then locked it away never to be seen by the public.
All of the necessary information to construct a free energy device running on permanent magnetic fields has been documented in the various articles authored by Howard Johnson and associates. However Mr. Johnson did not provide full construction blueprints in his Patent application, only diagrams adequate for proof of concept. I have researched all of the various articles and using my experience and technical skills I have developed a set of shop drawings from which a device similar to the rendering on the cover of the Science & Mechanics magazine could be constructed. All design criteria and dimensions have been derived directly from Howard Johnson’s patent and his and his associate’s writings.
- Spring 1980 Science & Mechanics feature article.

- US Patent #4,151,431.

- Technical Article written by Howard Johnson on Quantum Mechanical Molecular Energy,
the forces his device operates on.

- An Article written by his associate Tom Bearden regarding Mr. Johnson’s work
and related principles including references.

- A document explaining Net Metering.

- Full set of computer generated shop drawings.


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