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This is me playing at Guthrie Park Friday night Jam Me back in the '80's tryin' to hang on to the '70's!
Still in the '80's with my good friend John The early '90's were a completely different story!
If your gonna be a BassMan ya gotta have a Bass Fiddle! On stage at Weizer National Fiddle Contest
Clyde Sims Playing one of my Electric 2x4's Custom Electric 2x4 built for a friend
Cash & Company serenadin' the seniors At the AC Gilbert Pumpkinfest

My first Mandolin The Stein Bass - Anything's possible!
Knife Scabbard Scabbard without Knife
Knife Scabbard I made for a friend Scabbard without the knife
Marine Unit Logo USMC Emblem
His Marine Unit Logo USMC Emblem
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