This is the perfect poor mans Electric Upright Bass. Cut from a single piece of Douglas Fir 2x4 and fitted with Weedeater strings. Bridge, Nut and End Pin are miscellaneous hardwoods. Stand-off helps stabilize the bass depending on playing style.
Piezo elements built into the bridge provide the signal. A preamp is not necessary but can significantly enhance the overall sound. A signal compressor is strongly recommended.
Now aside from the fact that it is a 2x4, the sound is amazingly similar to a standard upright Double Bass! The tone from these strings is exceptional and the playing action is extremely light and non-fatiguing. I like to describe it as "kinda’ like playing on rubber bands". Bass is easily disassembled (Stand-off and Endpin removed) for easy transportation and storage.

This is not a mass produced instrument.
I make them one at a time by hand. There may be an occasional knot or other natural feature that is purely cosmetic. This depends on the lumber locally available and it adds to the unique individuality of the instrument.  The finish is clear polyurethane and does an excellent job of sealing the wood against moisture and staining from finger oil (or just plain dirty hands!). This thing is a joy to play and the sound is very satisfying. If you've ever wanted an EUB but were discouraged by exorbitant prices, this is the perfect alternative!

Overall length: 67"
Length w/o Endpin: 48"
Width with Stand-off: 10"
Width w/o Stand-off: 3 1/2" (it's a 2x4!)
Depth: 2 1/2"
Scale Length: 38"
Weight: 5 lbs

“This is not really a question but more of a Review… I bought one of these 2x4 EUB and I LOVE IT. This makes a great Novelty Bass. I am amazed at how well it sounds for a $130 EUB! Everyone I show it to cracks up and then they are amazed at the tone when they hear me play it. It is worth every penny of the $130.00 I paid for it. The entertainment value alone is worth the $130.00!! I own a lot of bass guitars, but this one makes me smile more than any of the others”.
Chuck Zendner, Salem Oregon
“Man I gotta tell ya you have hit the nail on the head with this bass. I'm a bluegass player and I have played them all and for the price this is so close to a acoustic bass. Talk about HOT, it is great! If you can tell me where you got the strings so if I need to replace at some time, I can. You can use me for a reference at any time. I am going to the IBMA bluegrass Fan Fest in oct. and when people see this they will flip. If anybody is interested in this bass I will turn them on to ya. Thanks”.
Clyde Sims, Jonesboro Illinois
This bass is everything described by seller and more. Very light-weight, and sounds great!
Buyer: 4ourmomo (138 )
Wonderfully constructed, certainly put in a lot of time - well worth the price.
Amazing instrument and I can't say enough good things about it!!
Fast shipping,cool bass ,recommended Thanks
bajohn0 (263)
Great transaction, fast ship, as described, great communicator cool bass AAAA+++
stevobnh (491)
This bass is amazing! Great upright tone and excellent finish and construction!
poorpetebest (46)
What a riot!!! I opened the tube and saw the Bass and good can this thing be...then I plugged it in. I have amps as I have described before but I also have a K&K buffer/preamp and it sounds absolutely great!!! I think it sounds better than the Palatinos and BSX basses I have played and gives the NS basses a run for their money. This thing is a gas to play....having a hard time putting it down.
mim4430 ( 32 )

Oh my! This thing is sweet. Well worth the wait. WoW! Sounds and looks killer Ken. Im Going to tell everyone I know how nice this thing is..... Will send pics when Im Done Thanks again, you made my year!!
Jenn & Drew


As you can tell by the testimonials this is a unique instrument and everyone that buy's one is very satisfied with their purchase.

I'm just a one man operation and while build time is fairly short for each unit please allow 4 to 6 weeks for construction and delivery (actual time will probably be much less).
I charge a flat rate of $20.00 for shipping. If you are close by and you want to save the shipping charge, select the appropriate option when ordering and include a note with contact info when making payment  and we'll go from there.

I I do not currently sell a stand attachment. I have one on my personal 2x4 but it is one I made from one of a kind parts I had laying around. If you can get a hold of an old cymbol stand or PA speaker stand use a little imagination and you should be able to come up with something that will serve just as well.


I have had several inquiries about a 5 string version of this Bass.  Unfortunately I have not been able to find string material in a heavy enough gauge to tune down to a low "B".

If anyone can tell me where to find material in 0.250" diameter please contact me at .


For those of you that want or need to use a bow I can make an arched Bridge that will allow bowing. This option is available for an additional charge of $29.95 due to the extra fabrication time involved.  Be sure to select the correct option when ordering.

h Arched Bridge.
This is for those that want to use a Bow or just want the same feel as a standard upright. Fingerboard is still flat.
Flat Bridge.
This is the standard design and the one I play. It works fine for pizzicato playing styles without a Bow.
Bridge Option

Go here for replacement strings

To order via "Snail Mail"

Send Certified Cashiers Check or Money Order to:
Kenneth D. Noble
4769 Deepwood Loop NE
Salem, OR 97305-2510
Be sure to include shipping address and specify Bridge options.
No personal checks please. Checks will be returned unprocessed.
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